The Simplest Way To Get Toned


That’s a bold statement!

I stand behind it with confidence.

I’m going to share with you the same strategy I use with my clients that gets them amazing results!

This isn’t like most you’ve seen. There is no strict dieting and calorie counting or giving up alcohol and your social life.

It’s definitely not a living at the gym for hours everyday approach.

It’s simple, straight forward, and elegant.

Before I share the strategy with you I want to share a story that you might be able to relate with as well as see this strategy in action!

Part 1: Meet Sophia

This is Sophia.


Sophia is 34 years old.

Sophia’s journey starts years before she got into amazing shape like in the photo above so we have to go back to high school.

High school is one of those places that can change us forever.

It can be amazing or treacherous.

Depending on your experiences it can leave you with happy memories or scars.

Over the 4 years in high school and then leading into college Sophia began focusing more on her studies and less on physical activity.

This led to some weight gain. It was enough to think to herself that she wasn’t as attractive as the popular girls.

Mia High School

It was enough to occasionally get made fun of.

It was enough to make her cover up and hide her body from others in order to feel safe.

It was enough to have her confidence slowly start to fade away.

It was enough to make her feel unattractive and insecure.

Leading into college Sophia prioritized her studies and became focused on her career.

These thoughts of insecurity and not feeling confident were pushed to the back of her mind as work became her sole focus.

Over the next 10 years Sophia’s career developed and she became very successful.

The accolades she earned and the promotions she received allowed her to take beautiful vacations and shop for all the clothes she dreamed about.

But this is where it all came back!

For the first time in many years Sophia felt those feelings of being insecure when trying on bikinis for vacation or wanting a crop top but knowing it wouldn’t fit her right.

All the hard work, countless business meetings, and putting her career first led to bad habits.

From drinking at business dinners to going out with friends for food and drinks any free night of the week.

Mia 2.jpg

This led to more weight gain.

But now that Sophia’s career was established she wanted to finally change that.

She wanted to be toned.

She wanted the body she had dreamed about back in high school.

The body of the popular girls.

Sophia’s New Year’s resolutions were to join a gym, begin working out and get toned by summer.

Sophia went to google and Instagram and her fitness journey began.

It didn’t take long before she was following 20 amazing women on Instagram with bodies everyone dreamed of.

From abs to perfect curves. These models were everything Sophia was after.

Everyday she would see what they were doing and this grew that desire of reaching her fitness goals.

A couple months after joining the gym she signed up for a 30 day challenge from one of her favorite fitness bloggers.


She gave it 100% and after 30 days was extremely disappointed.

She followed it to a T and didn’t lose any weight or look any more toned.

She decided she wanted to do 1 on 1 coaching with another one of her favorites on Instagram.

After 3 months of following a very strict diet, and doing every workout and pushing herself very hard she was left with no results.

And to add insult to injury, she had dieted so strictly that she ended up binging at the end and gained a couple more pounds than she started with.

After the first online trainer she tried an in person trainer.

She knew more than he did. She wasn’t pushed and felt guilty for drinking or living a social life.

The results did not come with a trainer at her gym.

Sophia began to get frustrated.

She gave it a go with another trainer online.

Nothing. No results.

Rinse and repeat.

Counting macros, HIIT training, endless amounts of cardio, strict diets, keto, yoga, pilates, Baar, Soulcycle.

Long periods of no alcohol or socializing.

You name it, Sophia tried it.

All Sophia got were lessons on what didn’t work and threw thousands of dollars down the drain.

Mia 4

After a couple years of this she began to feel like she was the exception to reaching the goal body she’d always dream of.

The thought of having abs, being toned, losing weight, it all began to fade and she found herself “being real” and saying it just wasn’t possible for her.

She had now convinced herself that if she could just lose maybe 5 pounds that she would be happy and look great.

But deep down she knew what she truly wanted. What would make her happy. What would give her the confidence she had been lacking since being made fun of in high school.

Sophia knew she couldn’t settle but from the last couple of years of trying she wasn’t left with many options or with much hope at all.

Then we met… and that’s when everything changed!

Part 2: The transformation of Sophia

Sophia was introduced to me by Arianna, one of my clients at the time.

This is Arianna!

This is Arianna!

Arianna convinced Sophia to speak with me on the phone and just to hear me out.

When Sophia and I first spoke I could hear the doubt, reluctance, and disbelief in her voice.

It was very familiar.

Many of my clients had been through the same emotional rollercoaster as Sophia.

In their world they had tried everything and didn’t think there was anything else out there and if there was it wouldn’t work for them.

As we spoke and got to know each other I got to hear Sophia’s story from the beginning.

Having dealt with many clients in her same position it took some convincing.

I still remember her shocked belief of how simple the process was.

“You mean I only have to lift weights 3 times a week, do some form of cardio daily and diary my food and I’ll reach my goals? That sounds way too simple!”

From being able to still drink alcohol to not having to do spin class after spin class it all sounded too good to be true.

Sophia had tried countless training programs, challenges, and trainers.

She lacked trust for any trainer or coach as she had tried so many and had been let down time and time again.

Each one spouting the same thing, telling her exactly what she wanted to hear.

One of the things that was different this time was actually seeing others, that had started exactly where she was, reach their goals.

The transformations of people in the same shoes as Sophia.

She then realized everyone she placed her trust in before didn’t have her best interest at heart.

It was all about them.

Every photo on their page was their progress, their abs, them on the beach in a bikini, them shopping, the supplements and products they sold.

Them, them, them.

The theme was all over each of the “coaches” blogs and Instagram that she thought would help her.

Not only did she see that this wasn’t about me but everything I offered was simple, logical, practical and straight forward.

This gave her trust in me and this was the turning point.

She was still on the fence but knew if she didn’t change something she would never be stronger, toned, or more confident.

I assured her that if she did everything to the T for the first 30 days she would see results.

After those 30 days she’d be convinced and over the next year she would finally reach the body she had been dreaming about since high school and be able to keep it for the rest of her life with the habits she would learn.

She didn’t have much to lose with the possibility of everything to gain.

She committed.

We began immediately.

Recorded her starting measurements and then reassessed every couple of weeks.

Each week she logged her food through photos and adjustments were made based off her progress.

These are actual meals she would make for herself. No counting calories or weighing food.

Mia's Food

Each week she got stronger.

This is Sophia’s first pull-up and first weighted pull-up. I remember telling her before she started training she would be able to do one and like most of my clients she scoffed in disbelief.

“I’ve never been able to do a pull-up!”

After this. It just got better and better.

Each week she got more toned.

Mia 11

This is Sophia after 3 months. Going from 23 % body fat to 17 % and dropping 10 pounds.

Mia 12
Mia 13

Each week she became more confident.

Each week she realized more and more that it was finally happening.

After 1 year she had it.

The body she’d been thinking about since high school.

Being toned.

Feeling confident.

Being strong.

Being able to shop confidently for bikinis, crop tops, bodycon dresses, you name it she would wear it with confidence.

Mia 14

Looking back over the year Sophia realized she had not only transformed her body but her mindset too.

She didn’t realize how good she would feel because of how physically strong she got. This led to her becoming even stronger mentally.

The satisfaction of putting in the work and seeing the results of her efforts created so much confidence that transferred to other things. She learned by creating the right habits anything is possible.

She had placed her trust in so many who took advantage of it because all they focused on was the outcome.

Abs in 30 days, lose 20 pounds in a couple weeks, bold claims and false promises.

The best part for Sophia was knowing she knew exactly how to keep the body she’d always wanted.

She built all the right habits over the year and to this day is in amazing shape!

From wearing the clothes and bikinis she wants to enjoying social evenings with friends she can balance life and fitness.

Mia 15

She is stronger than ever and still toned!

However, Sophia was not just a fluke. Many of my clients have experienced this.

Many of them have made amazing transformations!

Now it’s time to share the same strategy with you that I used with Sophia!