Training Blocks: What Are They And Why You Need To Be Doing Them

what are training blocks

What is a training block?

A training block is a focused period of time training for a desired goal or outcome. A block might last 4 to 8 weeks while containing specific measurable goals.

If your goal is to get stronger then by the end of the training block you should have increased your strength.

If your goal is to lose body fat then by the end of the training block you should be leaner.

There are a couple reasons the duration of the training block is 4 to 8 weeks.

training blocks

If you aim to increase strength during a training block that lasts 52 weeks you will plateau. Your body adapts to the stimulus you put on it but that is never a forever thing. Meaning eventually we hit a balancing point where the stimulus is equal to the adaptation and we make no new progress.

Keeping the training block shorter we are able to maximize the amount of adaptation from it and then begin a new training block before we plateau. With 4 to 8 week training blocks, you won’t get bored of the training as it is relatively short.

The continued progress keeps the training block exciting. If you are a beginner then you will more than likely progress workout to workout. Meaning you will get stronger in each workout of the training block.


Within the training block, we have a constant to measure if we are achieving our goal. If your goal is to get stronger than you would have one or multiple exercises that would remain consistent throughout the training block.

training blocks

For example, if your goal is to get stronger legs and burn fat on them then you would want to know you are getting stronger week by week.

By keeping a squat, for example, a constant then you will know if that is happening.

The mistake too many make is that they don’t have a constant or utilize training blocks.

Each workout is different and lacks intent. Eventually, when they circle back around to the squat they might not have gained any strength and even possibly lost strength. By this point, weeks could have been wasted and no progress made.

With a constant and a good training block you will know quickly if you are making the necessary progress to reach your goals.



It doesn’t matter how much you sweat, how sore you get or how tired you make yourself from a workout.

Progress towards your goal is the most important.

Muscle confusion does not work. Meaning different workouts each day and each week will not lead to success.

When studying for a test, reading a book out of order will not give you the information needed to pass the test. The entire book was read out of order so all the information had no context.

Similarly training hard but with no direction means you worked out without a purpose and your goals will not be reached.

With intelligent programming time is saved in the gym, energy is spared, and goals are achieved.

With fitness coaching from LeLuxFit, all of the above are considered when it comes to you and your goals.

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Jamari Jackson