The LeLuxFit Way

Online fitness coaching is becoming more and more popular but how exactly does it work at LeLuxFit? I went over what online fitness coaching was but didn’t dive into how it works.

Client Profile

You first start with filling out your client profile. This contains everything such as your goals, why they are important to you, prior exercise history, injury history, current limitations, food allergies and much more.

the leluxfit way

This gives me a great overview of where you currently are, where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

With all the information I am able to design your customized program and ensure you reach your goals in a timely manner.

Upon completion of your program it is shared with you to begin.

Each component of fitness is accounted for.

  • Resistance Training

  • Nutrition

  • Cardio

  • Progress Tracking

  • Goals

Depending on your experience your program will match where you are.

Exercise Video Guide

When you go to the gym to begin training each and every exercise is accompanied by a video to ensure you know exactly what to be doing and how to do it!

the leluxfit way

This ensures proper execution of the exercises which results in major progress.

Just imagine if you are incorrectly executing all the exercises you do when at the gym. How much more progress do you imagine you could make if just the exercises themselves were corrected?

A lot!

That on top of a solid program designed around your goals and the sky's the limit. You will never be lost in the gym or when it comes to your fitness goals again!

Progress Tracking

As you carry out your program you will track your progress with the weights used, weigh-ins, measurements, and progress photos.

the leluxfit way

This gives me even more data to refine the program to get it laser focused. Each week and month as you develop and make progress your program becomes smarter.

Changes and adjustments will be made to the program based on how you respond. If you progress faster or slower than expected the program will be updated on a weekly or even daily basis.

If you respond exactly as needed changes are made monthly to ensure no plateaus are hit.


With email / Skype support we are able to tackle any problems that arise. When you have a vacation planned and need a game plan, or when a last minute business trip happens I am here to tackle these obstacles with you.

Whenever something doesn’t make sense or you want to know at a deeper level of how the program works the answer is just an email away.

the leluxfit way

Exercise Analysis

Knowing execution is key, with exercise analysis I will check your form through video. You’ll record the exercises you are having problems with and send them to me.

I will record a voice over going over the corrections needed and send back the videos.

the leluxfit way

You will follow up a second time with the corrections for a further reply to ensure all corrections have been made and you are executing the exercises correctly!

This is extremely important if you are new to the gym or unsure of your form. When comparing your form to the video guides they should look pretty similar. If they are a bit off then it’s worth having them analyzed.

Tiers of Coaching

Depending on your goals and needs there is a tier for you.

Pink Gold

Pink gold is perfect if you already have a trainer, nutritionist, or are already happy with your body. With Pink Gold, you get either resistance training and cardio in your monthly program or nutrition.

This is great when your trainer does not know how to program adequately for your goals. Your trainer runs you through your workouts and monitors your form. Or if your trainer does not know about nutrition then this completes the picture to reach your goals.

White Gold

White Gold is the pro level tier. It includes resistance training, nutrition, and cardio as well as email support. This includes all the elements necessary to reach your goals.

From losing weight to navigating vacations or work trips this tier has you covered.

With the added support if you are a beginner or need any help it's just an email away. No more wandering around the gym or not knowing why or how to do something related to your fitness goals. With White Gold you will hit all your fitness goals!

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is the elite level tier. It includes resistance training, nutrition, and cardio as well as the addition of a monthly Skype / Phone call, priority email support, and exercise analysis, all is covered no matter the situation.

Monthly Skype / Phone calls ensure goals are set and understood. Programming is pinpoint accurate. Nutrition is dialed with precision. Progress is constant.

Game planning trips and parties ensure no distractions hold you back from your goals. You have priority support through email.

With exercise analysis your execution is guaranteed to be optimal, getting the most out of your program and maximizing your results.

With the Yellow Gold coaching you are covered on all basis. This tier is the streamlined path to success as you are supported every step of the way.


With online fitness coaching, you are provided with all the necessary components of fitness to reach your goals! From losing weight and getting toned to gaining muscle, LeLuxFit is unparalleled when it comes to coaching.

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Jamari Jackson