Client Spotlight: Liz F.

liz f

Name: Liz Fichtner

Age: 60

Weight: 120

Best Lifts: Squat 185 Lbs x 1 | Pull-Up 47.5 Lbs x 1 | 10 Lbs x 10 | Bodyweight x 18

About Liz

I had the pleasure of training Liz starting back in 2014. What Liz achieved is nothing short of amazing and inspiring!

liz f

Prior to us training Liz began competing in bikini competitions with the goal to turn pro. She had a great foundation but didn’t focus on strength. As we age muscle is more likely to atrophy and the best way to combat that is to get stronger!

Within months of training Liz went from being able to do 0 pull-ups to 8 reps as well as a 25 pound weighted pull-up.

Her squat went from 85 pounds for a set of 6 up to 185 pounds for 1 rep within 4 months.

She continued to get stronger and better as we trained. Month after month.

She eventually got up to 18 bodyweight pull-ups and squatting 155 pounds for sets of 10.

Liz went on and turned pro at the age of 59 while being a grandmother and working full time! She is the definition of hard work pays off!

Her amazing work ethic really makes you look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are truly giving it all you got.

Jamari Jackson