How To Navigate Fitness & Media

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Fitness advice is everywhere! From your feed on Instagram or Facebook to articles your friends send you to magazines at the airport or grocery store. It’s hard to avoid. The industry of fitness is a 30 billion dollar industry so of course there is going to be an abundance of topics and places to get information on fitness.

But with all this information out there and at your fingertips how do you know where to start, who to trust, or what is real or fake?

To write about what is real or fake would take ages so I thought I would make a couple guide lines to keep you clear of danger.

1. 50 opinions is worse than 1

If you read every article on how to lose weight you will get so many opinions it will leave you no better off than before you started. This is common in clients that I train, paralysis by analysis. You read one article that states you should eat no carbs. Then another that says eating no carbs is unhealthy. Then 12 articles later you are stuck and overwhelmed making losing weight feel impossible.

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The best thing to do is to follow one piece of advice and stick with it and see if it works for you. Give it 2-4 weeks and then continue if it works or move on if it doesn’t.

2. Correlation vs. Causation

If you search for fitness models on Instagram you can find more than you can count. They all look great and they all will preach that they have the formula to get you into shape like them. The problem with most popular fitness models is their popularity proceeds their credibility. They may look amazing and typically it is due to great genetics not to the exercises they are doing in their post.

Look at their client transformations if they have any. If they don’t that is a big red flag. You should never waste time listening to someone who genetically already looks great. They won’t understand the differences between people and how to help you reach your best self.

A good example of this is Brittany Dawn. Do a quick google search and the articles on scamming will speak for themselves. If you look at her Instagram page it is filled with herself and not what she is able to do for her clients. Hence the exposure of how she was scamming her clients.

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Many clients want to do yoga and pilates because the teacher looks great, is toned and has long and lean muscles. Yoga and pilates doesn’t give you this. The teachers either were genetically predisposed to look how they do and it wasn’t from the yoga or pilates.

Yoga and pilates is great but will not transform your body to look like the teacher. When you stumble upon someone who either transformed themselves drastically over a couple year period and/or has client testimonials then you will be in the right place. Avoid someone who looks great but is not certified or qualified to coach.

3. Context

Keep the information you are exposing yourself to related to your goals and current lifestyle. Don’t read about diets that help lower inflammation in people with MS when you yourself do not have MS. Like wise if you are active, lifting weights, exercising regularly don’t follow general guidelines for nutrition geared towards people who do not exercise and on average gain 3-6 pounds a year.

If you are active look for topics on training and nutrition for active people. If you are not active look for topics on that.

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I write for people who are active or getting into being active and want to look amazing naked. Get stronger and live a healthier more balanced life while still socializing with friends, partying, and traveling. My coaching and blog is not for everyone as is most information out there. It is targeted towards different populations. Make sure you’re staying in your realm when it comes to information.

With Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, your friends, parents, you name it having the next thing in fitness and nutrition it can be extremely overwhelming. I’ve been in the industry for almost a decade and it’s been a rollercoaster of learning. Sifting through the real and fake and understanding the truth.

I created LeLuxFit to help more people and save them time with getting fit and understanding their bodies. I offer 1 on 1 coaching to avoid making the mistakes many make with all the bad information out there. I have made countless mistakes in my journey and through that experience I can help others avoid them and streamline their goal body.

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Jamari Jackson