How To Set Fitness Goals & Achieve Them

As a fitness coach, I’ve asked hundreds of people about their fitness goals. Typically they all fit into a couple of categories. Lose weight (fat), improve health, rehab injuries/decrease pain, gain weight (muscle), and improve performance.

These are general and most of the time are not verbally said. You might be more familiar with:

  • Losing 10-20 pounds for a vacation

  • Build a bigger butt

  • Decrease cellulite

  • Stop knee pain to keep up with your children

  • Lose baby weight

  • Look hot

The list goes on but these all fit under one of the categories above.

how to set fitness goals

So what does this have to do with setting goals?

When training clients they initially come with one goal they had on their mind for months or years. Let’s use lose 20 pounds as an example.

If this is the goal and has been for years the most important thing in your mind is to reach this goal. Nothing else matters.

This can set us up for success but more often than not it can set us up for failure.


When the only thing that will make us happy is the end destination than anything less will not satisfy us. This is a bad way to approach goals!

I’ve seen too many times people fixate on a goal weight but not have the tools and guidance needed to reach the goal. It drives them crazy and why wouldn’t it? You deserve to reach your goals if you work hard at them, as long as they are realistic.

A Better Way To Your Reach Goals

how to set fitness goals

Set more goals!

If the goal is to lose 20 pounds what else can you achieve while getting there? I push my clients to build more strength in the process. This makes the training more enjoyable and you are not coming to the gym only to reach a far-off goal, but to train.

With the big goal being 20 pounds we can conservatively achieve that within 15-18 weeks. Now we have a time frame.

Within that same time frame, we can conquer our first pull-up! With losing body fat for our main goal it will make our first pull-up easier to achieve.

I write all about how to achieve your first pull-up and provide a free program here:

The Pull-up Guide

how to set fitness goals

Breaking down the pull-up we have to follow a program which will yield strength increases weekly! Each workout is important as it is built from the previous. Meaning we cannot afford to miss a workout.

This keeps us in the gym where we need to be. It’s exciting to see yourself get stronger workout after workout and week after week. Not only do we get stronger but we build toned arms and a nice back! This distracts us from the big goal which makes losing the 20 pounds easier!

We now have 20 pounds and a pull-up.

The third goal and a goal we should always have with each goal we set is to make the process a habit.

If losing 20 pounds takes going to the gym 6 days a week and watching your diet then all we have to do is repeat that week after week until we’ve reached our goal. The goal is to make it each week and complete all required workouts. A successful week increases motivation.

I’ve heard many times of people failing because they don’t enjoy the gym or working out. Adding the pull-up gives us something to focus on and gives us measurable results weekly similar to losing weight weekly.

how to set fitness goals


How many other goals do you think you can achieve while working towards your main goal?


Long-term goals

While on the road to our 20 pounds we should begin to think about what will be next at the halfway mark. When we’ve lost 10 pounds what is the next goal? Failing to plan for the next goal typically results in gaining the weight back over time.

how to set fitness goals

With clients, I always bring up long-term goals with strength, body composition, performance-based activities to keep the process exciting and always moving forward.

Unfortunately for many, losing the first 10 or 20 pounds does not result in the dream body. This is because resistance training is neglected or the methods of losing the weight were poor.

Other times when we reach our goal weight we realize we lost the butt or arms we did have due to lack of muscle.

This sets us up very well for our next goal. As we approach the 20 pounds we will know if gaining muscle will be next. When we reach our first big goal we have already planned for our second and can begin immediately.   



Having a game plan ensures we don’t waste our time or energy in the gym. We always know what, when, and why we are doing everything. The result of being consistent leads us to complete our small goals which add up to our big goal!

I have been programming for clients for many years and have seen a far greater amount of success simply due to having a plan compared to their peers who did not. Even their peers who had trainers but lacked a proper plan to reach their goals often fell short!

A major part of LeLuxFit is not only fitness coaching but smart goal setting and accountability. This brings out the best in you as you conquer things you never thought possible.

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Jamari Jackson