How To Pick The Perfect Gym

Whether it’s New Year's, an upcoming vacation or wedding, or finally time to get healthy and fit then signing up for a gym membership is on the to-do list.

Picking the right gym can make or break your fitness goals! The last thing you want to do is pick the wrong gym and end up not going.

So how do you pick the right gym?

gym location

There are 3 things to consider when picking a gym.

  1. Location

  2. Type of gym

  3. Atmosphere


how to pick the right gym

Location is extremely important since you'll be visiting the gym up to 6 or even 7 days a week. If it's extremely out of the way and inconvenient you’ll end up finding reasons not to go.

Once that starts it will become a habit and you’ll be back to square one. The gym does not have to be within a couple blocks of where you live, there are different options on location.

If you commute to work it should be along the path you travel so it's easy to make it to prior or after work. If you work from home then think of where you visit frequently, grocery store, kids school, shopping plaza, Starbucks, etc...

If you travel for work this will help you pick the gym/s you end up joining. Depending on what your weekly habits are will help you pick the best location so you can ensure going to the gym becomes a habit that sticks and not another painful chore!

Type Of Gym

The type of gym is just as important as location. If your goal is to get fit but all your gym has to offer is yoga and Zumba then you're not going to have the necessary things needed to get fit. Your gym should include at a minimum strength training equipment such as squat racks, benches, free weights, dumbbells, and machines.


Basic cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and stairmills. Additional are classes such as yoga, spin, HIIT classes, pilates, etc but are not required. Most gyms offer these but without the required equipment getting fit becomes extremely difficult and will take much longer.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is extremely important. When you're surrounded by likeminded people it can help keep the fire burning and the gym a place you look forward to going to. If the gym is filled with senior citizens or teenage boys running around then that probably isn't the gym for you. The gym isn't only a place to go to get fit but it's a great place to meet friends that have similar goals and interests. This can help down the road when it comes to getting fit and being social.

how to pick the right gym

Are amenities important to you? Towel service, sauna, steam room, pool, in-house spa, cafe, cleanliness, music, ambiance, etc? If you are spending 5-15 hours a week at the gym it should be a place you enjoy and look forward to visiting, not dread.


Equinox. If one fits within the location of your weekly activities or where you live I recommend joining as your main gym. It's extremely clean, has great amenities including cooled eucalyptus scented towels, an in-house spa that provides waxing, facials, and massages to name a few things.

Plenty of classes to choose from including spin, HIIT, yoga, pilates and much more. Gorgeous locker rooms with Khiel's products, a shop that carries Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, and many more brands.

Most importantly they contain all the equipment needed to reach your goals and the gym floor is always clean and well maintained.

Crunch. Another gym that has great amenities from towel service to steam rooms and saunas. Not all locations are as well maintained as Equinox and depending on if it is a franchise location or a core location also impacts the way it is run. If it's in your area visit for a tour to see if it's the right fit for you.

24 Hour Fitness. This is a great secondary gym if you have an Equinox or Crunch within distance of you. Their Super Sport or higher locations have a pool as well as all equipment needed. With 24 Hour Fitness having a lot of locations it is a great choice if you travel frequently.

With it being opened 24 hours a day most days of the week unlike Equinox and Crunch it gives a lot more flexibility when it comes to late night workouts. Having a membership at Equinox or Crunch while you are home and a 24 Hour membership for when you are on the road makes for a great pair.

Gold's Gym. With plenty of locations across the US and world. This is a great gym that has everything you need to get fit. Depending on where you travel for work this might be a better option than 24 for your secondary gym.

Boutique gyms are abundant and can be wonderful. They can offer the same amenities as Equinox or Crunch. When you're looking for your gym take into consideration the 3 criteria above before signing up. Search for gyms in your area and make a list. Visit the gyms and check them out for yourself. Most gyms offer a trial period so you can get a feel for the gym and see if it will work out long term.

how to pick the right gym

Now that you know how to pick the best gym for you, you can get started on your summer body ASAP. If you find yourself lost in your gym and not knowing what to do then start by reading what you should be doing in the gym.

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Jamari Jackson