How Does Online Fitness Coaching Work?

Online fitness coaching is becoming more and more popular!

With online fitness coaching being relatively new I often get asked how it works and is it effective?

I’ll answer the most frequently asked questions and by the end of this post, you’ll understand how it works and if it’s right for you.

what is online fitness coaching

What is online fitness coaching?

Online fitness coaching delivers you a customized program for you to reach your fitness goals. With everyone starting from a different place, having different limitations due to injuries, time, or location, the program is tailored to your needs to ensure you reach your goals efficiently and effectively.

How does online fitness coaching differ from in-person fitness training?

how does online fitness coaching work

Having trained for years in person as well as online there are certainly differences. The key differences come down to physical accountability.

With in-person training knowing your trainer is waiting for you to show up can hold you accountable for making it to the gym that day.

However, needing to rely on a scheduled appointment can mean you’re not fully motivated to reach your goals yet and need the extrinsic motivation.

With online coaching, you are still held accountable to your program through your progress towards your goals. This gives you more flexibility with timing. Whether you want to workout in the morning or in the evening you won’t have to worry about rescheduling with your trainer.

With in-person training, your trainer is limited by 1 client per hour. So if your favorite time to train is 10 am and they are already booked you have to work around their schedule.

When a last minute change of plan comes up you won’t be charged for missing a session unlike when you have in-person training. Which then leads to missing that day of your training program delaying the time it should take to reach your goals.

If you want to join a friend at their gym or want to train on vacation you will always have your program to follow unlike in-person training, you are limited to only one gym and one trainer.

With in-person training, your workout is confined to 1 hour. Meaning if the workout should run longer it must be cut short. With online coaching, your workouts are never constrained based on the trainers' schedule.

How does the coaching work?

When you sign up for online fitness coaching you will receive a welcome email. In the email, it contains instructions in detail of how the program works.

You are first instructed to fill out a client intake form. This form gives me all the necessary information needed to create your program based on your goals, injury history, exercise history/experience, and many other factors.

what is online fitness training

Once I receive your completed intake form I create your program. Within 2-4 business days, your program is completed and you receive access to it.

Your customized program contains all the elements necessary to reach your goals. Your weight lifting plan, nutrition plan, and cardio plan are all scheduled out for the month.

Each month your plan is updated and adjusted based on your progress and results to ensure you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Within the program, you update your weight and measurements. With this data, I am able to fine-tune your program even more to ensure maximum results.

What does a day look like?

how online training works

No matter the day you can look at your program and know what to do. For example, if it’s Monday the 10th of January, your program will guide you through what is needed for that day.

You arrive at the gym and open your program. It will lead you through your warm-up to prep your body for the workout. Making sure you avoid injury and get the most out of your workout.

Then you will be lead through the workout exercise by exercise. All exercises, reps,  sets, rest time and tempo prescribed. No need for guesswork.

With each exercise, there is a video guide so you know exactly what the exercise is and how to do it.

The program will progress from workout to workout and week to week to ensure you make progress. This means no two workouts are identical. The progressions will make you stronger, leaner, and fitter. Week after week, month after month.

After the workout, if cardio is called for that day you are lead through it with video reference to ensure you are executing it properly.

The workout ends with a cool down you are guided through.

How does nutrition work?

Based on where you’re starting from, personality and goals we tackle nutrition one of two ways. Behavior change and meal plans. Through a behavioral approach you learn how to eat the right foods to reach your goals no matter where you are and have the flexibility to eat out or cook at come.

With a meal plan you can push your body further and reach goals you’ve only dreamed about. To learn more about how this approach works year round click here.

If you are going on vacation with email support we can tackle any problems that arrive. Depending on your training phase you will have different guidelines to abide by. The goal is always to have a balanced lifestyle meaning going out for dinner and drinks is factored into your nutrition plan!

How am I kept accountable?

Tracking your progress in your program allows me to see how you respond to the training and nutrition and make smart and precise changes for you to get the absolute best out of your program.

how does online fitness coaching work

Along with tracking your progress, you will also take circumference measurements every two weeks and progress photos monthly.

This gives more information than just the scale. With the data from the scale, the circumference measurements and progress photos we can see where you are losing fat and where you are gaining muscle.

Unlike many online plans you can purchase online and download, this is completely customized and tailored to you.

If needed, adjustments are made weekly or even daily based on your measurements. This increases accountability due to having your coach constantly overlooking your program and progress.

With consistently checking in through email as well as Skype or the phone you will always be kept accountable to your program no matter where you are in the world!

How long do I need coaching for?

This comes down to your goals. Some clients utilize coaching for a special event such as a wedding or a photo shoot. Most realize fitness becomes a staple part of their lives and continue coaching as new goals are set.

Most don’t think about what their second goal is once they reach their first. If your goal is to lose 25 pounds what comes next?

Many of my clients start with a weight loss goal and then we focus on strength and improving performance. Going from 0 pull-ups to 10 or more. Building more muscle to reach their goal physique.

For a full transformation like many of my clients, 1 year is the typical time it takes to have amazing, realistic and sustainable results. Depending on where you’re starting it can take longer or shorter than a year.

how does online fitness coaching work

Can I only choose one?

With online coaching, you can take your program with you to an in-person trainer and have them train you through your customized workouts. This can ensure your rests are timed correctly, the equipment is set up for you, and you are performing the exercises with good form.

Online fitness coaching and in-person training are not mutually exclusive.

How does online coaching compare to in-person training in terms of cost?

For a successful transformation you need to train 3 to 4 times a week minimum with a trainer. With in-person training, you don’t receive a customized plan for the days you are not meeting with your trainer. If you do, it is typically lackluster due to your trainer only earning their salary based on training sessions.

They do not get paid for any time spent creating customized programs or nutrition plans for their clients. This leads to poor quality in programs and a focus only on the 3 hours a week you see them. With only 3 workouts a week that only last 1 hour it is not enough to reach your goals. For the other 165 hours in the week, what do you do?

Most trainers will not provide much support outside of scheduled sessions since they are off the clock or with other clients. When questions arise who do you turn to?

What’s included with an in-person trainer for a month?

  • 12 training sessions

The average cost per session for in-person training is $130. At 3 training sessions a week the total comes to $1560 for 12 total sessions a month.

What’s included with online fitness coaching?

  • Monthly weightlifting program with up to 6 days a week of customized training with weekly/monthly adjustments to build your dream body. With exercise video guides you will not be lost in the gym and no matter your experience can still reach your goals

  • Monthly nutrition with weekly/daily adjustments to ensure serious results from your workouts as getting fit and toned is 80% nutrition

  • Cardio programmed based on your goals with weekly/monthly adjustments to accelerate your fat loss goals

  • Email support to navigate any problems that could hold you back from reaching your goals and answer any questions related to training or your program

  • Monthly phone or Skype call to discuss any training related topics and as you reach your goals and plan for new ones to continue your long life of good health

  • Exercise video analysis to ensure you are properly executing your exercises to make certain you are optimizing your time in the gym and getting the maximum results from your program

To receive all of the above at the cost of in-person training it would be well over $3500 a month!

With online coaching, you receive all of the above for just $67 a day! Your entire month of coaching is only $1590!

Online fitness coaching is a great value when you are serious about your health and fitness goals! There is no better time to start than now.

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Jamari Jackson