How To Eat To Be Toned For Life

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Do you find food to be a part of your identity? From social gatherings to exploring new restaurants. Fine dining to Uber Eats. When things get tough does food console you?

Food is much more than just energy to most of us. It is a deep part of our everyday life and who we are.

With food being extremely important to reaching our fitness goals and body how do we navigate it?

First let’s put a realistic time frame on achieving the body that we want.

One year.

Through giving ourselves a year to reach our goal body we learn the habits required to reaching it. The behaviors to keep it and the time to enjoy it!

If you’re looking for a 7 day or 3 week challenge you’re in the wrong place. Rushing the process always leads to rebounding. Or worse gaining back even more weight than you lost. Quick fixes do not work long term.

How old are you right now?

Now imagine in 1 year you have the body of your dreams.

Now imagine for the next 10-20 years you can maintain it.

That is the power of doing things correctly.

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There are two steps to nutrition. Behavioral and calculated.

Behavioral is baseline. Meaning you change your behavior to match the body you desire without counting calories or measuring food. In one year your new habits will automatically give you the body you want.

This approach will get 90% of you to your dream body without having to follow a meal plan.

The second step is calculated. This is for the 10% who want to take it to the next level and push their body further. Get to that fitness model level of toned. This is required to reach that level but cannot be sustained for long periods of time.

For example, you have 20-30 pounds of fat to lose 5-7 pounds of muscle to gain before feeling sexy in a bikini.

You start training, changing your nutrition by slowly adjusting your behaviors with food and increasing activity through cardio.

Over the next year you lose the 20-30 pounds and gain the 5-7 pounds of muscle. It’s April and you love your body. You never imagined you could reach this. You plan a vacation for the summer to somewhere beautiful with a beach.

trip planning

St. Tropez.

Now that this trip is planned you think to yourself, hmmm. Maybe I should get even more toned for this trip and finally have amazing beach photos looking hot in a bikini. It could be for your memories, to brag to your friends after they doubted you could do it, or just for your dating profile.

Now is the time you follow a more strict calculated meal plan. It’s for 2-3 months preparing you for the trip. You drop a couple more pounds of fat and are the most toned you have every been.

Everyone notices.

You spend everyday of your holiday on the beach, in your bikini and enjoying French cuisine.

nikki beach st tropez

When you return home you resume a more behavioral approach to eating. You gain back some strength you might have lost and minimal fat. You resume meeting with friends for dinner and drinks. A lot more freedom and still an amazing body year round.

For your next vacation if you want to tighten things up a bit more again then a calculated approach is always available.

wine and dinner

At LeLuxFit the behavioral approach is taught first before a calculated. You learn how to eat based on your goals and activity. How to fill your plate with whole foods. How to go out and enjoy drinks with friends and keep making progress towards your goal body. Eat at restaurants and on the go without an confusion.

This will lead you to your goal body. If you want to push further then you are ready for a calculated and structured approach.

Very few can maintain a structured approach year round. Typically more type a personalities handle it better. If you think you fit the approach of getting a meal plan and following it and making adjustments when advised then we can discuss that approach plus how to reach your goals more effectively in a consultation.

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Jamari Jackson