Client Spotlight: Sophia

Sophia Before And After

Name: Sophia

Age: 35

Weight: 115

Best Lifts: Squat 135 Lbs x 5 | Pull-Ups 35 Lbs x 1 | 10 Lbs x 8 | Bodyweight x 14

About Sophia

Sophia is another amazing example of what hard work, consistency and dedication is. When she put her mind to fitness everything changed for her.

When Sophia first started she couldn’t do a single pull-up. She hated push-ups. Her leg strength could use some improvement.

After 6 consistent months of training she was able to do 10 body weight pull-ups, 20 full push-ups, and squat over her body weight for 5 reps!


Her body fat percentage went from 23% to 17%.

She built muscle.

She built strength.

She transformed her body and mind. She is much more confident and happier.

If Sophia can do it then so can you!

Jamari Jackson