Client Spotlight: Denica R.

Denica R.

Client Spotlight

Name: Denica R.

Age: 44

Weight: 135

Best Lifts: Squat 225 Lbs x 3 | Pull-up 45 Lbs x 1 BW x 10 | Bench Press 135x1

About Denica

I had the pleasure of training Denica starting back in 2015. When she first started, her goal was to tone up for vacation in Mexico. But not long after starting the goals got bigger and the results quickly followed.

client spotlight denica r

When Denica first started she couldn’t perform 1 pull-up. After 4 months of training, she completed 8 bodyweight pull-ups as well as a 35-pound weighted pull-up. After 6 months her squat went from 145 for 3 reps to 235 for 1 rep, a 90-pound increase! Within 3 months of training the bench press, her strength went from 85 pounds to 135 pounds for 1 rep!

client spotlight denica r

These strength goals were only the start. She competed in a figure competition at the age of 43 for the first time and racked up 3 trophies with a 1st, 2nd, and 4th place win in the different classes she competed in.

What impressed and inspired me the most about Denica was not her results but her work ethic. She never complained once when the training got tough or when she had to diet down for her competition. With a busy schedule, she never missed a workout and always gave 110% percent.

She managed all of the above, the strength with her lifts, her body transformation, and placing 1st in her first figure competition all while raising two boys and running her hair salon!

Denica is a great example of hard work and consistency aimed in the right direction.

You can find Denica at her hair salon in Danville, California.

290 Rose Ave, Danville CA 94526

Jamari Jackson