How You Can Drink Wine And Still Get Fit

wine and toned

Not only can you drink wine but just about any of your favorite cocktails and still get in great shape!

Now you might be saying this must be a gimmick or sounds like a pipe dream. Being able to enjoy alcohol and still get into shape is the opposite of what everyone says.

This is not a guide but the principles of how it works.

You’ve probably heard you have to give up alcohol in order to lose weight. When going out with friends you have to be the designated driver or just not go out at all.

With such a strict approach how long do you think you’ll last on your diet or training program

When your friends are having a blast at company parties, galas, charity events, the bar, or just a club you are home alone sticking to your plan.

alcohol and lose weight

This might work for some time but eventually, you will get this feeling of being left on the outside of where the fun is.

Don’t get me wrong getting fit has it’s fun parts but when you and your friends are booking a  trip to St. Barths and you know there is no way you can stick to your diet while partying and enjoying the island life.

So before I explain how you can do both I will preface it with all the things I am supposed to say and you probably already know. Like drinking can inhibit recovery from workouts. When drinking too much it can halt weight lose or promote fat gain. You get the point.

drink to lose weight

So how do you drink and still manage to get fit?

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram.

When it comes to losing weight, ideally body fat, it comes down to calories in vs. calories out.

If you consume fewer calories than you burn you will lose weight.

Since alcohol is energy, although a very poor form of energy, it does not change the law of thermodynamics.

To state it clearly if you burn more calories than you consume in a day including all calories from alcohol you will lose weight!

Now it’s not so straightforward. If it was easy then we’d all have our wine and be drunk too! Whenever you want something you do not currently have then something must change. You must give up something in exchange.

alcohol lose weight toned fit

What must be given up?

The freedom of drinking whenever you want and however much you want.

Balance is key! We can still enjoy our events and parties but we can’t party every day and still get fit. This would be burning the candle at both ends and would lead to burn out and not being able to maintain your goal body.

Since alcohol is a poor form of energy as well as having some side effects you know of such as binge eating and a hangover we need to limit the amount that we do consume.

When your goal is to lose body fat and keeping in mind the law of consuming less than you burn then the more times you drink the more likely you might end up binge eating and canceling out your progress.

Or even worse gaining weight!

wine and fit

Once you get to your goal body the amount of energy you need goes up. This means more wine!

When getting fit it’s important to do it right the first time. Then have a plan for making it last forever!

So for the 3-6 months, you will have to limit your drinking and partying.

I’d recommend no more than 2-4 nights a month of heavy drinking. More than 4 drinks in 2 hours is considered binge drinking and would fall under this category.

I’d recommend no more than 1 glass of wine a night.

I’d recommend if a short trip is planned where excessive drinking is going to be nightly such as in Vegas or at a wedding then use the trip as a break from your diet. This might push the goal date back but it will allow you to enjoy your trip without the feelings of guilt.

To Summarize

  • No more than 2 to 4 nights a month of excessive drinking

  • No more than 1 glass of wine a night

  • Short trips are used as a break in your diet

With this approach and the right plan, you can still get in great shape while still having a social life!

The 1 glass of wine would be factored into your meal plan / diet and accounted for. All the drinking would be plan ahead of time so you can still get that fit, toned, sexy body you want!

This is all assuming you are training hard in the gym and following the right program!

If you’re not, start here.

With a little discipline, consistency and hard work, you’ll be getting fit in no time while drinking and enjoying life with your friends. So is it possible to drink and still get fit?


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Jamari Jackson