5 Butt Building Mistakes You're Probably Making


Stop wasting time with these 5 exercises!

With Instagram, Pinterest as well as Google, every day it seems there is a new exercise you should be doing!

When it comes to getting fit you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Doing so will lead you down a rabbit hole and inevitably waste your time and energy leading to no results.

I compiled a list of 5 exercises that you commonly see that don’t do what most propose they do.

1. Bodyweight Squats

Body weight squats are great when warming up, used in a metabolic circuit, or for practicing the squat. However, they will not give you a perfect butt. With only using your bodyweight you are leaving out the most important element of building or maintaining muscle. Resistance!

As well as not having enough resistance to make much change at all they are also not ideal for the glutes. Depending on your individual body structure you’ll most likely use your quads. There are far better exercises for building your glutes however bodyweight squats is not one of them.

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2. Donkey Kicks

build booty

Similar to the bodyweight squat with no resistance they will not shape, lift or build your glutes. These can be great for activating them prior to another exercise to get the most out of it, but alone they will not pay off.

Even with ankle weights, these do not have enough intensity for your body to respond in the desired way and shape your butt!

3. Cable Kickbacks

Similar to the donkey kicks these can be loaded but only with slightly more weight. Not enough resistance to truly give your butt the look you’re going for.

These can be great at the beginning of a workout to warm-up and activate the glutes as well as at the end of a workout to burn the glutes out. However, on their own don’t expect much from these.

4. Band Walks

One of the most popular exercises in the gym, on Instagram, on Pinterest, magazines, virtually everywhere you look you can find these. Band walks as well as any variation are great for activating the different muscles of the glutes as well as warming up.

Just like the exercises prior the loading is limited and leads to a great pump but no long-term results. Use these during your warm-up, prior to a heavy loaded exercise, or to burn out at the end.

I go over how to maximize your workout with a proper warm-up here.

5. Body Weight Glute Bridge


Whether you do both legs or single leg glute bridges it follows the same pattern. There is no resistance which does not lead to shaping the glutes. These are great for activating the glutes as well as patterning the hinge.

If you are using these and enjoy them but not sure where they should be placed in a workout then read this blog post on how a workout should be structured to get the most effective workout.


All of these exercises are great for warming up, activating the glutes, or used as a burnout/booty pump to finish the workout. As there is not enough resistance as well as any progressive overload, these exercises will not give you any permanent long-term results!

The best thing to do for shaping your best butt ever is lifting heavy weights!

Don’t worry, it won’t make you bulky!

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Jamari Jackson