Common gym terms, acronyms, and definitions




Barbell: The bar that allows for weight plates to be loaded to adjust the weight you want to lift

BB: Short for barbell

BW: Short for body weight

Bilateral: Using both limbs either legs or arms - for example squats, leg press, bench press, pull ups, shoulder press.



Concentric: The contraction of the muscle to move the weight against gravity. The harder of the two motions of lifting a weight

Constant Tension: Keep the muscles under tension when doing an exercise. Depending on gravity and the nature of the lift the tension is not always constant of the muscle. For example a dumbbell curl there is no tension when your arm is straight by your side as well as fully contracted, to keep constant tension you would shorten the range of motion on both ends to keep tension

CNS: Central Nervous System



Dumbbell: Hand held weights ranging from 2.5 pounds up to over 150 pounds

Dynamic Warm-up: Taking the muscles through their active range of motion without holding them statically in a stretch prior to exercise

DB: Dumbbell

Drop Set: Lowering the weight on an exercises and continuing until desired reps are reached. There can be multiple drops in a drop set for example lifting 50 lbs for 10 reps then 40 lbs for 10 and then 30 lbs for 10 followed by a rest break

DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Double: A set of only 2 reps


EMOM: Every minute on the minute - Refers to a timed workout where at the top of the minute you perform a certain number of reps of a certain exercise


EPOC: Excess Post Oxygen Consumption - When you perform a very intense workout you body has to consume more oxygen after to recover resulting in burning more calories at a resting rate


Eccentric: The extension of a muscle to lower the weight against gravity. The easier of the two motions of lifting a weight, also known as the negative


Failure: When you reach complete fatigue and cannot finish the last rep


Forced Reps: When using a spotter on an exercise when you reach failure they help you perform additional reps with their added assistance.



GHR / GHD: Glute Ham Raise or Glute Ham Developer



HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training - Typically a cardio based workout using intervals of work and rest. Aiming to get the heart rate above 90% for a desired amount of time to reach EPOC

Horizontal Push:

Horizontal Pull:

Hip Dominate:

Hip Hinge: 






Knurling: The etched part of a barbell or dumbbell that gives it grip





MRS: Max Rep Set - As many reps as you can complete in one set


Marcos: Short for macronutrients which consist of Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein


Negative: Refers to the lowering of a weight against gravity. The easier of the two motions of lifting a weight and returning it





Quad Dominate:


Reps: The amount of repetitions your perform in a set


RDL: Romanian Deadlift


ROM: Range Of Motion - The range of motion that an exercises is performed



Set: Pertaining to how many times you perform a desired number of reps for an exercise

Single: A set of only one rep - "I have 3 singles at 135 lbs today"

SL: Single Leg or Stiff Leg


Super Set: One exercise immediately followed by another exercise before resting. Often written as A1 and A2 to group the exercises to the same super set


Spotter: Someone who looks over you as you perform a lift to ensure your safety. The most common lift for needing a spotter is the bench press due to the risk of being pinned under the weight if you reach failure or if an accident occurs


SMR: Self Myofascial Release - foam rolling or other instruments to help aid in recovery and preparation for exercise



TUT: Time Under Tension - How much time the muscle is working during a rep. Then controlling the negative of an exercise and increasing the time it takes increases the TUT

Toned: A desirable physique having a low body fat percentage with a good amount of lean muscle mass so muscle definition is visible. 



Unilateral: Using one limb - For example lunges, single arm rows, single arm presses...


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