LeLuxFit was founded for women who know they are capable of more. More health, more strength, more confidence. 

LeLuxFit was founded to inspire the women who do not yet know they are capable of more. 

Strong is sexy.


LeLuxFit teaches you how to workout to build your perfect body. From start to finish.

Lifting weights and living life is the way. More time spent with friends and lovers, less time in the gym.

The goal is to look good, feel confident and show the world! LeLuxFit makes that simple.


From the help of world renowned coaches and trainers who have achieved it all, we have curated digital training content to reach millions of women around the world. Guiding them to the body they deserve through scientifically proven methods.

LeLuxFit educates you on how your body works, how to train your body, and how to get the results you desire.


Talk is cheap so see what is possible with LeLuxFit.

No matter where in the world you live or what your schedule looks like. Excuses are not an option.

Learn how to build lean muscle, tone, and walk with confidence!

With digital content that can be accessed worldwide, now you can live the LeLuxFit way!


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How many months have you paid for your gym membership and never fully taken advantage of it?

How many cute gym outfits do you have and wear but rarely sweat in?

How many supplements have you purchased hoping they would be the magic pill?

When have you done something radical that changed your life?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

LeLuxFit empowers women to live strong, healthy and confident lives. We don’t believe that fitness should consume your life. Bland diets and cardio are a thing of the past. We like to work hard and play harder. Travel the world. Eat amazing food at new restaurants. Enjoy cocktails on rooftops.

Life is short!

Now is the time to do something for the first time.

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